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Spotlight on Comrie Croft: Meet Our Community Hubs

We've been blown away by the incredible reaction to the launch of TFT Community Hubs, but what's better yet is now the programme is alive and kicking, we're able to celebrate some of the Hubs who've already been with us since 2023, and shout loudly and proudly about the incredible work they do with their communities and on their trails.

Introducing a new series on the blog: Meet Our Community Hubs. Crafted by Leigh, our Community Hubs Coordinator, the series will take you inside some of our top spots for your Trash Free Trails needs. This week, meet Emily and the wonderful joys of Comrie Croft!

Words by Emily Greaves and Leigh Rose. Images by Pete Scullion.

Comrie Croft is in many ways everything a TFT Community Hub could aspire to be. Mountain Biking & Walking Trails, homegrown produce served up in the cafe and for sale in the eco-friendly store, bike & kit shop, and a team of absolute legends to boot. We’ve delivered TrashMob Academy activations there after building a solid relationship with the team, and those nature connection practices have been incorporated into the coaching offer at the Croft.

Long term friends of Trash Free Trails, Comrie Croft will be hosting unique trail clean moments for their local community this year. Using their unique space to allow young people access to the outdoors who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

A community-owned farm, Comrie Croft is a sustainability pioneer and received recognition for this in 2023 when the team won the inaugural Visit Scotland Responsible Tourism Award.

Comrie Croft is part of a family of collaborating nature-based ventures that help people connect with nature and the outdoors. Each brings a unique approach for local people to connect with the beautiful landscape there.

As nature connectors and spark makers the team at Comrie Croft recognises that modern life has moved humans inside, with connections being made through smart phones. However, the human body is designed to move; it also needs to be outside. The team thrive on sharing their love of the outdoors and nature with others, watching young people realise that same wonder is very powerful. Emily talks fondly of watching young people riding a bike and the effect of the ‘happy hormones’ serotonin and dopamine that come flooding in, even if only for a moment. This feeling is infectious and it’s something we can all relate to. 

It’s exactly this reason the Croft will be working with young people who are from Hardly Reached communities. There's many folks who aren't offered the opportunity to experience the trails and (re)connect with nature; it's awesome that through the Community Hubs programme we can provide resource to make this happen, and see that infectious joy of riding a bike on the trails.

Comrie Croft wishes to encourage everyone to be active outdoors. They believe it’s important that everyone has access to these spaces and everyone feels welcome, regardless of their background. If you’ve never been on a trail clean or don’t see it being ‘for you’ we think the Croft has some pretty sound advice: "Come along, it will be fun! We can shred the trails afterwards! Drive along the A9, stop in a lay-by and then tell me honestly that you still don’t want to!” - Emily Greaves. 

Amongst regular trail cleans and hosting the TrashMob Academy in the summer, Emily will be guiding a collaborative bikepacking trip with Scotland the Big Picture. ‘Bikepacking Wild Landscapes’ has Purposeful Adventures written all over it, serving as a celebration of Comrie Croft's rewilding journey. It isn't about travelling the fastest or the furthest; it's about slowing down, admiring your surroundings and connecting with nature. 


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