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As a small Community Interest Company, we rely on corporate partnerships, trusts, grants, and community fundraising to make our work possible. Due to our size, our incredibly passionate, active and talented community, and our commitment to innovative citizen science, we deliver what we believe to be an impact that makes a difference.

Not only on the trails and wild places we exist to protect, but in the hearts of the people that help make it possible.

It is vital that any work we do enables us to make progress towards our priorities. But, in addition to this, we are realistic. We understand and respect the fact that organisations who choose to partner with us will require some form of return on their investment. We provide this to the best of our ability, with a transparent approach to reporting.

To me TFT is all about making it your own. It starts and finishes with you. You are the one that can choose change and inspire others. Look closely where you roam, absorb, expand and move it on. TFT are that link that lets you act alone but work together.”

-Jez Loftus, Trek Bikes UK



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