This is our super special mega stash of all the digital bits you might need when doing a Trail Clean of any shape or form. From logos to risk assessments, public liability insurance, and even local press release guidelines if you need them, it's all here. Just pick your group size and go admin crazy*. We've done our best to make them engaging and informative and we hope you find them useful!  


Quickly though, before you go off into the wild, just remember this; YOU are incredibly inspiring. The simple fact that you are willing to donate your time, talent and passion, helping to rally the #TRASHMOB from Christchurch to Canada, bringing friends that have never met together to protect your trails sends a powerful, positive message. 


Trash Free Trails is a community movement, driven by and with people like you. We can’t thank you enough for joining our cause.

*Remember, if you're planning to put up a tent and have hundreds of the trash hungry #TRASHMOB turn up, don't go too crazy on the SUP removal until you've completed all of the steps in the "LARGE GROUPS" button below. 

Just you or a small group?

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Larger group or organised trail clean?

BIG GROUP Screen.png

By the way! If you use it, it'd be really cool if you felt like sharing your #springtrailclean efforts with us over on Instagram. We're @trashfreetrails. Join us!