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We haven't written this yet... SORRY. 





We're smallnormous. A (very) small organisation with a hopefully enormous impact. And as such, we don't really have a HQ. Not in the traditional sense of the word anyway. What we do have, however, is a select group of individuals that make all the stuff we do happen.

 Dom Ferris - Company Director 

On January the 8th 2017 I posted about Trash Free Trails on Instagram for the very first time (it got 34 Likes!!!). It had been more than four years since I had first recognised the stark difference between the explosion of awareness of and action to tackle marine plastic pollution - through my work at Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) - and the comparative silence in ‘our world’ of trails, wild places and the terrestrial ecosystems that host them. What’s more, it had been more than four years since I had decided that I needed to try to do something about it. All I had to do was start!


I soon realised that Trash Free Trails could not and should not exist without a strong and empowered grassroots community and that the only way to build and sustain community is through trust. So, keeping my own extremely complex formula - Time x Toil (+tea) = Trust - in mind, I just got started, one trail clean at a time.







 Rich - Project Coordinator 

Rich is Trash Free Trails' first employee (BIG moment for us - WOOOOOO!!!!). A super keen rider and avid roamer (you won't see him running unfortunately) with a background in hospitality and event management, this 6'4" lump's passion for connection of all kinds, physical activity and nature is palpable. With his merit-classified MSc in Psychology of Mental Health from The University of Edinburgh, we've been able to make a lot of progress on the wellbeing angle of all of our projects; reconnecting people with nature through purposeful adventure.


 There's more than two of you, surely?!

We don't just let these two make all the decisions for us. That's just not cricket, and it certainly wouldn't work with our smallnormous nature.... The A-TEAM are at the heart and soul of everything we do, and are, therefore, heavily involved in the decision making and project planning process. 2 members per month on a rotational basis are part of strategy, partner and development meetings. Their input, as the face of the organisation, is valued above all else. 

We also have a "Steering Group": A group of volunteer experts with diverse experience in our field, these guys meet once quarterly with Dom, Rich and the rotational A-TEAM members. 'Big picture' ideas, plans and musings are all brought to the table to keep us on track, to make sure we're headed in the right direction

 Freelance Experts 

As well as Dom, Rich and the A-TEAM, we rely on some trusted friends of the family to help us achieve our mission. Designers, photographers, writers and social media experts are brought into the fold with a mutual goal in mind: TO PROTECT OUR TRAILS AND THE WILD PLACES THEY TAKE US TO!!!

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