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For many people, the environmental and social issues facing us are so colossal that they are overwhelming. Often, this causes a kind of ‘head in the sand’ ‘carry on regardless’ reaction from even the most environmentally sensitive people. In short many of us have become depressed into inaction.


Our response to this is deliberately simple. We will break things down into ‘bite-size’ chunks of achievable, impactful actions and purposeful adventures - otherwise known as Trail Cleans! DIO, A-TEAM or HQ led, these are our bread and butter. 


Each activity is designed to act as a gateway to wider environmental awareness, action and adventure, whose individual impact rolls effortlessly together with the actions of fellow riders, runners and roamers and the global environmental movement as a whole. 

(Re) connecting people across the world to the places they love through that beautifully simple act of SUP collection. It's our mission, and this ethos begins and ends with Clean Trails. It's easy to get started.


We hope you'll join us.

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