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TFT Approved is our Sustainable Event Accreditation Scheme.


Designed for outdoor race events, the Scheme enables event organisers to make simple but significant changes to the way they manage their events to reduce their environmental impact.

Making race events happen is hard work. Making them more sustainable even harder.

That's where we can help!

TFT Approved is a completely free, self-evaluation accreditation scheme that supports you to reach the highest sustainability standards possible.


With an in-depth guidance and an easy-to-use criteria, use the TFT Approved Toolkit to start your journey into becoming a leader in sustainable outdoor race events. 


From some of the biggest names in outdoor racing to first-time event providers, here's a round up of events striving for TFT Approved accreditation this year.

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Use our interactive map to find our which events across the ENTIRE GLOBE are going for TFT Approved accreditation this year.

Heading to an event but it's not on the map? Why not send them a link to this webpage and encourage them to do it!
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find out whether the events you're attending this summer are TFT Approved!

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How does it work? 

TFT Approved is a self-accreditation scheme. Simply download the toolkit, choose the standard you want to hit, and begin implementing changes into your event management.

Notify us which standard you're working towards and let us know how we can support you. Shout loud and proud to your community about how you're a TFT Approved event.

After race day, confirm you hit all the criteria in your standard and feedback to us how it went.

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 make change at every stage 

The TFT Approved Guidelines act as a unique source of insight into how to hit sustainability goals at every stage of event management.


From planning and pre-production to race day and pack down, the guidance includes practical, affordable and simple ideas, tips and suggestions on how to reduce your environmental impact. With all the information you need in one place, we've taken the time-consumptive research process out of the equation, so you can focus on delivering the best event possible, at the highest sustainability standard.

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 Positive traces no matter the scale 

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From internationally renown races to your beloved local park 10K, we've designed TFT Approved with everyone in mind.

There are three levels of Standard you can hit - Bronze, Silver and Gold - making TFT Approved accessible for everyone, especially smaller, newer events with limited resources.


Equally, the different Standards set the bar for what you can aspire to as an event organiser, promoting progression, learning and development as core factors in increasing sustainability across the sector.

Simply pick the Standard best suited to your event, and pat yourselves on the back when you showcase your achievements to your community.

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Achievements worth celebrating

Event attendees are just as invested in sustainability as you are, so making noise about achieving a TFT Approved Standard is almost as important as hitting the criteria in itself.

This is why we've built clear communications objectives into the Criteria, along with a heap of support, ideas and visual materials for you to use to showcase to your event community that sustainability is a top priority.

Building attendee investment is vital for encouraging behaviour change. By shouting proudly about the changes you've made, you can inspire change beyond the Finish Line.

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The Toolkit includes:


> The official TFT Approved Criteria for Bronze, Silver and Gold Standard

> A How-To Use Guide

> In depth guidelines on every aspect of event delivery

For further support, get in touch at

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A sustainable event can’t succeed without cooperation, collaboration and feet on the ground from competitors and spectators. The best way you as a competitor can contribute is by making noise about TFT Approved at your event. Get educated, and encourage other competitors to do the same.


And if TFT Approved isn't present at one of your races, be the one to introduce it to event organisers! As key stakeholders there's so much you can do to help leave positive traces where you run and ride.

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