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"We might not have changed THE world (yet), but we have changed THEIR world" 


Jo Shwe, Teacher at the first TrashMob Academy Pilot

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CHECK OUT THE FILM WE MADE about that first pilot!!! 

The Trash Mob Academy combines environmental action, stewardship and nature connection with outdoor physical activity in an effort to improve self esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing.We've worked with students and teachers , guides, mental health and nature connection experts as well as educational psychologists to develop a programme to a highstandard that will be of great benefit to the young people you work with.  

Throughout our pilot phase, we've demonstrated that participation in the programme can increase young people's  connection with nature; improving their self esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing, all whilst stimulating a deeper passion for both social and environmental responsibility.


If you work in a school or with a youth group this may just be the education programme you've been looking for - What better way to ignite a passion for trails, and the wild places they take us to?! 

We reckon getting out there with your peers, whether it's a run, ride or roam is great place to start. 

Scroll down for more info! 

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In collaboration with, we've created a brand spanking new, FREE E-Learning course that takes learners on a fun, interactive journey of nature connection and protection. Anywhere, anytime, any place you can log in and get going. Hit the button below to start your journey! 

Ok, sounds great... 
How do I get involved?

Not everyone is able to do mountain biking! As with everything we do, EVERYONE IS WELCOME. That's why we've created  versions for running and walking groups, so that more people can get involved, all for FREE. Check out the link below for everything you need to deliver this on your next group run or roam! 


We've reviewed and updated our MTB content for everyone to use, FREE OF CHARGE!!!! It's where this all started, so we couldn't be prouder to share it with you again. Click below for curriculum linked lesson plans, risk assessments, a copy of our Public Liability Insurance and a range of resources that will make it super easy for you to deliver this to your groups of riders

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The Trash Mob Academy has been designed with KS3 pupils in mind. However, that will not stop it being a positively impactful resource in other settings! 

Scout groups, kids clubs and even grown ups have all got involved with the sessions with great results so why not give it a go?! 

Who is the Trash Mob Academy suitable for? 

The first pilot of the Trash Mob Academy was completed with Jo (that teacher from a PRU that contacted us to use a logo and ended up with so much more...) and her pupils in the autumn of 2020. We've been piloting and fine tuning the programme with the help of Jo and her pupils ever since. 

Download the report below to find out our methodology behind the Trash Mob Academy and how those first pupils responded to the pilot content.

 Information for   Educators 

The Trash Mob Academy has been designed by experts in nature connection, drawing on well established and academically robust theories of learning as well as up to date nature connection research.  

Here, you'll find detail on how these theories and practices helped us create the TrashMob Academy content, how they are used in the delivery of the sessions and how they might help you! 


Any questions? Let us know at We'd love to hear from you! 

The Pilots

Are you an outdoor activity provider that is looking to deepen your nature connection and environmental stewardship messaging into your activities? We've been working with providers such as Go Ape! and Bike Park Wales to do just that. If you would like to explore how we can implement the Trash Mob Academy at your place of work please email

Trash Mob Academy for outdoor activity providers. 
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