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Selfless Isolation - A Spring Trail Clean update.

As you may know today was meant to be the launch of our Spring Trail Clean Tour at Aston Hill. And, whilst we're angrier than a slapped bottomed bullock that ecosystem destruction, Pangolin eating and general human fuckery has put the kybosh on it we're not going to sit around and sulk about it.

So, we have an idea that we're really excited about and we'd love for you guys to get involved. In fact we'd actually love it if you'd be able to chuck in some professional expertise too! Are you up for it?

We've got a (loose) 10 day plan and we'll be gently kicking things off today and tomorrow but will really get rumbling next week and we'll be needing; solo adventurers, meditators, ornithologists, teachers, mini world builders, designers, map makers, navigators, illustrators, photographers, presenters, runners, comedians, mathematicians, campaigners, researchers and more.

Watch this space or drop Dom and Ben a line for the next steps!

Thanks to our Spring Trail Clean Tour partners; @trekbikes_uk - @hopetech - @pedalmtbltd

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Dom Ferris
Dom Ferris
Apr 04, 2020

COVID 19 SAFETY NOTE - We'll be following all current guidelines and creating additional guidance on leaving any litter spotted for at least 72 hours before picking up. #staysafe #stayconnected #nocarnognarnotfar

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