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#EnergyLitter | DESIGN FOR CHANGE COMPETITION | May 16th - July 1st

  • Why was Lucozade the most prevalent branded item of litter on our paths and parks by Trash Free Trails volunteers in 2021?

  • Can we design new ways to tackle the single-use pollution issue in our oceans, towns and trails?

  • Can we use the marketing techniques of big brands like Coca Cola to create a brand to promote environmentally positive behaviour?

These are the questions that we are inviting all lovers of our great outdoors to help us answer by entering our first ever #EnergyLitter – Design for Change’ competition. By entering you’ll be joining a multidisciplinary Bangor University group of natural scientists, media researchers and brand marketers who have come together on a pilot study entitled “Lucozade & Litter: How can we prevent single-use plastic pollution”.


Your positive design solutions will support our vision of ‘shared responsibility’ for littering between consumers and the manufacturers of single-use products and help us investigate whether adjusting the packaging and branding on some of the most littered items can change consumer behaviour.

Ps; There are also loads of awesome prizes from Trash Free Trails partners such as; Trek Bikes, The North Face, Frog Bikes, Go Ape to name a few!


We have created a curriculum linked education pack and step by step ‘Design for Change’ cue cards (like the Graphic Design Challenge card below) to guide you through the process. Download them HERE.


Full details can be found on our #EnergyLitter competition webpage HERE. But, here are the key details.

  • If you have any queries - Give a shout :)

  • Submit your entries - To the TFT team at

  • Competition dates - Entries are open until July 1st. With the winners announced live at the State of Our Trails Summit at the Menai Science Parc on Anglesey on July 4th.

  • Entry criteria - To encourage a broad interpretation of the issue, there are two challenges you can enter:

    1. Graphic Design - Help us tackle single-use pollution and encourage environmentally positive behaviour by designing your own 'friendly guerilla' campaign sticker!

    2. Upcycling - Help us tackle single-use pollution and encourage environmentally positive behaviour by repurposing plastic bottles into planters and giving the Energy Litter a new life.

  • Age categories - Top prizes will be awarded to the best work in three age categories:

    1. Primary school

    2. Secondary school

    3. 18 and over

#TrashFreeTrailDog (C) Sam Dugon
#TrashFreeTrailDog (C) Sam Dugon


  • Individual entries are welcome

  • We encourage group entries of no more than six

  • Shortlisted entries will be invited to attend and display at the State of Our Trails Summit at M-Sparc on July 4, 2022, where the winners will be announced.

  • There is also the chance that a selection of submissions will get to work with our professional designers on leading a national campaign.

#EnergyLitter Campaign Logo
#EnergyLitter Campaign Logo


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