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Announcing our Citizen Science Programme

Image by Joby Newson

We're thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for community groups across the UK! For the first time in 2024, Trash Free Trails are inviting groups of up to 10 individuals to participate in our groundbreaking Citizen Science research programme. This initiative is a vital part of our ongoing effort to combat single-use pollution (aka litter) in our cherished wild places.

What is the Citizen Science Programme?

Our Citizen Science Programme is designed to empower local communities to take an active role in scientific research. By participating, your group will contribute invaluable data to the State of Our Trails Report. This report is crucial for understanding and addressing the issue of single-use pollution on our trails and in wild places.

Image: Tom Laws

Who Can Apply?

Whether you’re a school group, a local community organisation, or just a band of enthusiastic individuals, we encourage you to apply. We're looking for 9 dedicated groups from across the UK, committed to surveying and monitoring litter in their local outdoor areas.

What Will You Do?

As part of the programme, you'll engage in:

  • Conducting regular surveys of local trails.

  • Collecting and reporting data on single-use pollution.

  • Participating in training sessions to enhance your research skills.

  • Collaborating with other groups to share findings and insights.

How Will This Help?

Your involvement will provide crucial data that helps us understand the scale and impact of single-use pollution (SUP) on our trails. This information is vital for creating effective strategies to reduce SUP and preserve our natural environments for future generations.

Image: Joby Newson

How to Apply?

Interested groups can apply through the Survey Monkey here. The application process includes:

  • A brief description of your group and its members.

  • Your motivation for joining the programme.

  • A description of how you'll commit to participate in training and conduct regular surveys.

  • For more details on the application process, download the applicant pack here.

Submissions are open from January 25th and will close at 12pm on the 1st March, 2024. 

Join Us in Making a Difference!

By joining the Citizen Science Programme, you're not just volunteering; you're becoming a crucial part of our mission. Let's work together to make a tangible difference in protecting our trails and wild places. Check out the webpage for all the details.


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