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Welcome to a Summer of Purposeful Adventures

Image by Tom Laws

This summer is sure to be like no other.

With school holidays well under way, we know many of you are are gearing up for summer holiday adventures. But wait! Why not add something a little different this year?

Debuted in 2022 as a ‘new way to enrich our summer adventures’, Purposeful Adventures is our way of encouraging you to add small but gratifying additions to summer excursions that have positive impact.

Purposeful Adventures was born from a question we kept asking ourselves; what if our adventures didn't just sustain us, but could have a positive impact on the places we visited?

If you're an adventure lover, you're probably clued up to that good feeling you get while exploring the trails. But have you ever wondered how you can add something a little more and a bit different, that paves the way for a whole new kind of adventuring?

From removing trash found on a hike to connecting with a local community campaign, we believe these small acts are the most effective way to foster more connection with place, people and self.

But how can I 'leave a positive trace' you might ask! A valid question - don't worry, we've got you covered. We've brainstormed the best and most brilliant ways to have a small but meaningful impact on the places you visit this summer.

Check out this incredible illustration designed by Helen Wilson for a heap of ideas.

What's more, this year we're powering your adventures thanks to our partner Komoot. Our Purposeful Adventures 2023 Collection showcases routes by some of your favourite brands, organisations, athletes, influencers and more, to bring you a series of routes YOU can try this summer.

We'll also be sharing heaps of adventure stories on our social channels, providing some serious inspiration that'll have you out the door before you know it.

The world is waiting for your adventures; what will you do with it?

We can't wait to see!


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