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We're hiring a brand new Community Hubs Project Coordinator - the post holder will design and deliver a programme of Trail Clean events and activations in 2024 for our TFT Community Hubs, assisting them to enhance their local offering and to engage hardly reached* communities.

What is the TFT Community Hubs Programme?

We describe Trash Free Trails as “small-normous”. A young, divergent organisation, adapting as we grow, we know where we are heading and have a plan to help us achieve our mission. This is achieved with the support of our partners, and importantly our TrashMob - our volunteers all over the globe. For many of those riders, runners and roamers, the only point of real world connection with our organisation is our network of Community Hubs. These tour operators, bike shops, community centres and coffee shops are how we can help our tiny little organisation have the enormous impact we know we can achieve.

Each trail, each wild place has its own community, and its own set of problems. Doesn’t make a lot of sense for the big bosses at TFT HQ to tell YOU how to contribute to a sustained reduction in Single Use Pollution on YOUR trails, does it? That’s why we work to provide the inspiration, information and tools for Community Hubs, so they can take that back to their network to protect what they love in their own way. We’re just here to offer a helping hand for the ride!

What's Involved?

Thanks to our support from The North Face x EOCA, we’re looking for an energetic, dynamic and dedicated individual to help us support the Community Hubs network and deliver a series of events centred on Trail Cleaning.

These events seek to connect local business and community organisations with individuals and groups who are hardly reached, from across their local area. The programme of events will utilise trail cleaning as a form of community connection and cultivation. Working with the HQ Team, and through the effective coordination of this network, we can inform, inspire and equip thousands to become more connected to nature.

We are committed to and have funding available for 10 Community Hubs across the UK to deliver 4 educational Trail Clean events for hardly reached communities. Alongside this, and in collaboration with the HQ team and Ambassador network (A-TEAM), you’ll help to mobilise our wider network of 100 Community Hubs - making it more possible than ever for them to become mini TFT HQ’s in their own right, inviting more customers through their doors and helping achieve a sustained reduction in Single Use Pollution on our trails and wild places by 2030.

Here's the Key Info

Title: Community Hubs Project Coordinator

Salary: £1000 / Month

Term: Fixed Term 9 Months Contract (November 2023 to July 2024) Hours: 80 Hours / Month

Location: Remote with occasional UK Travel

Applications are open now until October 20th.

Interviews will be the week commencing October 23rd.

The successful candidate will ideally start the week commencing November 30th, however this is negotiable.

What does 'hardly reached' mean?*

You might have noticed we have a bit of an obsession with language, and unpacking the meaning behind the words we use.

When it comes to our Community Hubs programme, we know a lot of the problems they see on their trails come down to access. There's ongoing conversations about providing 'hard to reach' groups with opportunities to get outdoors - and something about this terminology has been eating at us. Is it that some communities are 'hard to reach', or is it that there's not enough work being put in to meet them where they are?

We've decided to refresh our terminology - nobody should ever be 'hard to reach'. Instead we acknowledge there are individuals, groups and communities who are hardly reached by organisations like ours, and that’s down to us. Rather than following the usual method of taking folks out of their place, we want to inspire and encourage our TFT Community Hubs to welcome and involve those who don't often get offered the opportunity in their own local areas. We believe firmly this is how we'll create strong and resilient communities built on care, respect and a shared love of their trails.

We can't wait to read your applications! Any questions please email


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