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Purposeful streetwear business leave a positive trace up Scafell Pike

Interview with Dom Hutter from Heat Hut As our summer of Purposeful Adventures draws to a close, we wanted to share another story of one of our TrashMob getting out there and challenging themselves in a way that will leave a positive trace for others.

Dom Hutter lives in Ely, Cambridgeshire. We chatted to him about the sustainable nature of his business, and his Purposeful Adventure up Scafell Pike to raise money for Centre 33.


Ey up Dom! Great to meet you; also, is that a vintage Leeds United shirt that you are wearing?


Yeah! All my family are from Leeds, and one of my work suppliers knew that, so when he found this he gave it to me.


That sounds like a good point in the conversation to find out a little more about your business?


I run a second hand and vintage shop in Ely called Heat Hut. I started it with my mate Nico a couple of years ago. I’m passionate about fashion and streetwear, but I hate that the fashion and clothing industry is destroying the world. I hate that cycle of ‘fast fashion’ clothes being bought and then worn a couple of times before getting thrown away.

So, I hunt out vintage and second hand clothes and shoes and resell them on. We also take damaged clothes and repair or repurpose them into other garments; give them a new lease of life.


And we hear you’ve grown a fair bit since you opened?


Yeah, we opened our doors in 2020, but had to move across the street to a larger premises. We’ve now got a little cafe upstairs, and it’s kind of become a bit of a hub for some of the local kids.

I like having them hang out here and I’ll slip them the odd free toastie now and then.

I’m so happy that I’ve found a job that doesn’t really feel like work, and lets me do a bit of good for the world in my own little way: set my own example I guess.


That’s such a good way to view the world. How did you get to hear about Trash Free Trails?


Ah, that’s through my old mate Rich [Breedon – Trash Free Trails’ Programme Manager]. We’ve known each other since we were kids, and Rich eulogises about TFT. It all makes sense to me; it feels like an extension of my own philosophies – just the right thing to do really.


Maybe this is a good time to ask you about your Purposeful Adventure?


Yeah, well, I wanted to raise some money for a local mental health charity, Centre 33. I guess they are a bit more than that. They support young people with whatever issues they may be having.

Sonny and I, along with another mate, Nico, decided we wanted to hike up Scafell Pike [England’s highest mountain] to raise some money for Centre 33. We aren’t really your typical outdoorsy people, so it was going to be a proper challenge for us.

I had a chat with Rich and he suggested we link up with Trash Free Trails and do a trail clean while we walk. It mades total sense; kill two birds with one stone and all that. So, he joined us, and so did some Lake District locals. [Lindsay Buck, aka the Wasdale Womble].

As I say, it was a fair old challenge for us, but we loved every minute of it!

As Dom so eloquently put it himself, we see Purposeful Adventures as being a way of doing a bit of good for the world and setting an example, while also challenging ourselves. Huge well done to Dom and the Heat Hut team! You can check out their documentary of the adventure here on their Instagram.

And if you'd still like to donate to their cause for Centre 33, you can still do so until the end of the week via Just Giving.


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