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TFT at Kendal Mountain Festival

We're proud to be part of the UK's thriving 'conservation ecosystem' and we get so excited about heading to the Kendal Mountain Festival each year to hang out with everyone.

This year's programme is incredible and simply as fans we're like kids in a candy store trying (and failing) to decide which films and sessions to choose. However we are also extremely excited to say that we have got loads of work to do at the festival and, as always, we'd love for you, the TRASHMOB to join in!

Join in.

We'll be setting off on 'The Road to Kendal' this Tuesday the 19th with the first of our interactive #TRASHOFF Challenge' trailside interviews, presenting 'Bike Night' on Friday the 20th and joining in with the first ever 'Kendal Mountain Festival - Global Litter Pick' on Saturday the 28th as well as loads more in between.

So, check out our full programme below, grab your festival tickets and remember our Covid beating, DIY motto, "we don't have to be together to work together to protect and enjoy the places that we love"

1. #TRASHOFF - 16th, 19th & 22nd

We all know the story. When lockdown V1 hit we were faced with an ultimatum. Like so many small organisations across the world, we had a simple choice. Innovate or shut-up shop. Fast forward to today and, as we prepare to head up to present the mighty Bike Night at Kendal Mountain Festival, we're proud of how we faced up to Covid.

How did we do it? The answer is wonderfully simple really. We had help, lots of it, from thousands of riders, runners and roamers across the world. From YOU the TRASHMOB and holy moly are we grateful.

So, we wanted to visit you to say thanks (and ride bicycles together). Now, of course we can't actually visit you all right now (there's 1000s of you for starters!), so we thought we'd start small and simple by challenging some of our most inspiring and impactful TRASHMOB members to a TRASHOFF!

"Whats's the blazes is a 'TRASHOFF' and how can I join in?" I hear you say! Well we're glad you asked, here's how (and who) it works;

  • When, who & where? - During our lunchtimes on the 17th, 19th and 22nd November, Dom will 'meet-up'(on @trashfreetrails Instagram Live) with Leon Rosser (south wales), The Wakefield TRASHMOB Academy pioneer pupils and Julia Hobson and Tom Hill in Bradford respectively, for an interview with a BIG difference.

  • What? - The BIG difference is that we'll be doing more trail cleaning than talking! After 'meeting-up', laying down the rules and some light 'trash talking', Dom will go head to head with his guest to see who can travel the furthest and collect the most trash in 15 a rapid-fire 15 minute trail clean, a #TRASHOFF! We'll then meet back up on Instagram Live to make fun of each other and talk about why they have chosen to donate their time, talent and passion to protect their trails and wild places.

  • Join in - Of course we'll just be grateful if you were able to join us for the interviews with these awesome humans. BUT!!!! It would be significantly cooler if you.

  • See you - @trashfreetrails #TRASHOFF.

2. Purposeful Adventures - Trail Clean Expedition - 19th Nov.

In 2019 we summitted Helvellyn in the snow for our first 'Trail Clean Expedition' in order to gather our thoughts (and loads of trash) ahead of our first appearance at Kendal Mountain Festival. This 'purposeful adventure' enabled us to connect to local environment and community, topping each of us up to the brim with a clear understanding of why we had come to the festival.

So, this Thursday the 19th, we'll be heading out again. We'll be documenting the expedition again of course but this time we'd love it if you were able to JOIN IN, wherever you are, by planning and sharing your very own #PurposefulAdventures.

3. Bike Night - 20th - Kendal Mountain Festival.

We're proud to announce that we'll presenting this (in)famous celebration of boundary pushing MTB filmmaking this Friday the 20th of November, hosted by Trek Bikes.

Our very own Monet and Dom will be joined, live from across the world, by awe inspiring Trek riders such as; @casey__brown__, @tvansteenbergen, @kade_2000 and newly crowned DH World Champion and undisputed king of the ruts @reecowilson.

We've seen the film's, they are awesome, now the final ingredient is YOU guys! So, grab your (super affordable) tickets HERE. Let's show Covid who's boss and have a great night talking about bicycles, trail dogs and insaniac lines.

4. Global Litter Pick Day - 28th.

We'll be lining up alongside our fellow paddlers, climbers, surfers, swimmers (and any other outdoors 'ers' you can think of ) at 10am on Saturday the 28th of November for the first ever 'Kendal Mountain Festival - Global Litter Pick'. Join in HERE?

Our Road to Kendal Partners

Thank you to our 'Road to Kendal' project partners for their, incredibly flexible and collaborative support and friendship;

Join in.

Check out our 'Road to Kendal' toolkit page and stay in touch @trashfreetrails.

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