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Be The Voice

For Our Trails

in Parliament

Make The Pledge

81% of adults in the UK are concerned about the threats to our wild places. As we look to a new government to restore nature, we need MPs who will commit to creating and supporting long-lasting change to protect the places we love.

We want MP candidates to make the pledge and be the Voice For Our Trails in the House. That means standing up for nature in parliament, advocating for nature rehabilitation and protection policies, and acting on the concerns of the general public you will represent to protect our wild places.

Make the pledge, or send to your local candidates today and share why your trails matter to you.

Why is the Pledge


Our trails are being overwhelmed, notably at the hands of single-use pollution (litter). With over 9 million items of single-use pollution on public rights of way in the UK, we need people from all walks of life to be standing up for the protection and restoration of nature. That has to include our political leaders and representatives.


As we enter a new term of parliament, we want politicians from every party to be voicing the concerns their constituents have for the places they love and adventure in.

Taking action is simple; we think the next parliament is up to the challenge. The only question is: will they take the pledge?

I Will Be The Voice For Our Trails
Pledge for MP Candidates

Thank you for pledging to be the Voice for Our Trails if elected to the UK Parliament. You're showcasing your commitment to protect nature to your community. To find out more about the pledge email

See Which Candidates Have Pledged

Catrin Wager (Plaid Cymru) - Bangor Aberconwy

Katherine Jones (Socialist Labour) - Bangor Aberconwy

Steve Marshall (Climate Party) - Bangor Aberconwy

Tomos Day (Conservative) - Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Andrew Prosser (Green Party) - Witney

Karl Drinkwater (Green Party) - Bangor Aberconwy

Tom Hill (Green Party) - Rawmarsh & Conisburgh

Dom Tristam (Green Party) - Bath

Helena Mellish (Green Party) - Stockport

Vivien Lichtenstein (Green Party) - Queens Park and Maida Vale

Clare Slater (Green Party) - Daventry

Joe Salmon (Green Party) - Bournemouth East

Emily Torode (Green Party) - Bracknell

Emily Fedorowycz (Green Party) - Kettering

Lorraine Wrennall (Green Party) - Barrow and Furness

Kelda Boothroyd (Green Party) - Derbyshire Dales

Michael Welton (Green Party) - Bury South

Matthew Snedker (Green Party) - Darlington

Send the Pledge to Your Future MP

Your next MP will represent you on the national stage. Let them know how much your trails mean to you and ask them to make the pledge for your vote.

Use the Democracy Club's list linked below to find your local candidates.


Then, copy and paste the email here and send it on. If you're short on time you only need add their name and yours before you hit send

We always recommend personalising your email. Add a story about your wild places, and how you'd like to see them protected.


Dear [their name]


I am a local constituent writing to you as a prospective local representative pending the upcoming UK General Election. I wish to express my desire that you pledge to the a Voice For Our Trails if you are elected to parliament.

Set up by the not-for-profit Trash Free Trails, this pledge asks that, if elected, you commit to standing up for nature restoration and protection in the next parliament. 

Our wild places are devastated and vulnerable. With our biodiversity depleted and species population in decline (State of Nature Report, 2023) across the UK, it is of great importance to me that the candidate I vote for showcase their commitment to acting in nature's best interests.

I would be delighted to see you make this stand for nature. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your Pledge.


With gratitude,

[your name]

Statistics and data on this page has been pulled from a variety of sources, including the Trash Free Trails State of Our Trails Report, the 2023 State of Nature Report, the OfNS and YouGov.

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