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It's one thing to remove 75% of Single Use Pollution from our Trails and wild places, but if we don't find out how it ended up there, take action to find out why, and empower individuals, groups and organisations to make those changes then we'll just be back to square one come 2025. 

In partnership with Bangor University, The State of Our Trails report seeks to satisfy both ends of that spectrum. We'll find out how much is out there and the impact it's having on those ecosystems. We'll find out who's picking it up, when they're picking it up, why, and perhaps more importantly, how it makes them feel; whether they'll do it again.


Dependant on citizen science, we've been able to demonstrate that the more involved people are with this kind of process, the more passionate they can be. The more involved they can be, the more they care, and the more they get out of it. We just released the first set of data - The Baseline Study. Check it out here!

Generations to come are the key-holders of the changes in mindset that are necessary for life on this planet to continue to flourish. The TrashMob Academy - our first education offering, seeks to help with that.


A range of offerings that seek to improve self esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing in young people through developments in nature connection, attitudes to litter and the environment. Through the beautifully simple act of removing SUP from a place they have come to know and love, outdoor activities can be a catalyst for significant positive psychological  development and behavioural change not only in the classroom and on the trail, but in daily life. Find out more here.

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