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Our R.A.D program provides innovative, inclusive and achievable solutions to the litter problem on our trails and the addiction to single use plastic that feeds it.

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We haven't written this yet... SORRY. 




    • Pledge & Announce - This is a super simple one but vitally important. By pledging and announcing that your trails are now #trashfreetrails you'll add your voices to our growing global movement and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, draw a line in the dirt that lets everyone know just how much you all care about the health and cleanliness of your favourite places to ride (you can order some waymarkers and stickers from us for this too).

    • Rider Research x #LitterLapCount - Anyone who spends any time in our wild places knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that plastic litter is a huge and growing problem. However there is currently very little quantitative evidence. Sadly when it comes to making legislative or land management changes the suits need data, spreadsheets and tables (especially relating to £££££!). The great news is that there are 100s of thousands of mountain bikers and trail runners across the UK and we're all pretty smart, by simply counting the amounts of litter you see on your ride and letting us know that number and how far you rode we can begin to create a hugely valuable picture of the state of our trails across the UK and world. Citizen Science is an incredible tool for environmental change, so please just post about what you find (or drop us an email) using the hashtags; #LitterLapCount / #CitizenScience / #trashfreetrails /


    • #MiniTrailClean - There's always time to do a #MiniTrailClean, the simple act of giving a few minutes back to the trails always feels good!

    • Lead a Community #TrailClean - This could be a great one to use to get to know your local #TrashMob rider Tom (CC'd in). We'll be joining forces with Surfers Against Sewage again for their Autumn Beach Clean Clean in October so this could be a good one to aim at!?

    • Make your own signage - These are super simple and fun to make. You'll soon be able to download a stencil file from the TFT website to make one/have one made

    • Use your social media to shout about all the positive things you are doing to tackle litter and raise awareness of the impacts it has on your trails. The fact that you have chosen to donate your time and talent is hugely inspiring and will empower others to do the same.


    • Become a #PlasticFreerider - Make an active effort to eliminate avoidable plastics from your daily life and in particular your riding routine and replace them with cool reusable items.

    • #PEThate - Is there a type of plastic trail litter that really upsets you!? Mine is PET single-use plastic bottles! Especially Lucozade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great to use as a focus for any 'campaign style' posts you do  (just remember to keep it respectful and solution focused!)

    • MTB Events and Races - #trashfreeraces is the ultimate aim for us! However we have already found that something as simple as a friendly Facebook message to the event organisers in the build-up to the race gets a great response and has a visible impact.

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