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Our strategic partners are a foundation of key stakeholder organisations, whose commitment to support us at an organisational level provides a stable platform from which to make long term plans. This innovative approach enables us to collaborate in a manner that creates a sustained positive change to the health of our trails, wild places and the communities that rely upon them. 


This pioneering approach to NGO and commercial partner relationships sets an inspiring example and engages with the public and media alike.

All this means that our Strategic Partners have an active presence in our work on a daily, multi-project basis. In short you are part of the family.

"It's an honour to be able to support the TFT guys - they do a great job at raising awareness of the challenges our ecosystems face and encouraging engagement in a multitude of ways. Keep up the good work!"

Chris Astle, UK Marketing Manager, Bosch eBike Systems

2022 will mark 5 years working with Trek UK. Since Dom first approached Jez way back when, they’ve been right by our side. The first brand to stick their neck on the line for us, we simply wouldn’t be here without them. Here’s to many more years together!


Bosch eBike Systems have also been with us from the early days, and Chris was another to take a bit of a punt. Supporting the SoOT Report from day one without it being fully formed at the time, shows the kind of trust and respect we have come to appreciate from our strategic partners.


Red Bull UK joined the table in 2021, after responding to an Instagram story stating that their cans were amongst the top 3 found items according to the SoOT Report. They got in touch saying they wanted to do something about it and haven’t stopped “running towards the problem” since. They invited us to Hardline, and continued their support as Clean Trails partners on the Halloween Trail Clean Tour. This year, they've continued that progression and have become Strategic Partners!



Facilitated by EOCA, our relationship with outdoor clothing giant The North Face has been exemplar of Strategic Partner status. In person involvement at events, athlete presence and an all round legend to work with to boot, we’re looking forward to working more closely with them in 2022.


We've been working with the route planning, mapping and highlighting legends since the Autumn Litter Watch way back when in 2020. Since then, our friendship has grown and developed with more and more involvement in our work. It's one of those ones where it just make sense! Komoot "Rubbish Routes" set out by our volunteers will allow us to see if our work is making a difference to trails and wild places, contributing to our pioneering citizen science research - the State of Our Trails Report. It's a natural progression, and it's our pleasure to welcome into the Strategic Partners fold.

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Bangor Uni is the spiritual home of the State of Our Trails report. Without their support, our pioneering, citizen science led, Masters by research project that seeks to establish the causes, impacts and prevalence of single use pollution on recreational trails. Host of the annual State of Our Trails Summit, home to the research arms of our work, it's a pleasure to have their support. 

We were stoked when the guys at Orbea approached us in early 2023, wanting to come on board alongside the others in our Strategic Partnership ecosystem. Their passion for our work, and willingness to work alongside another global bike brand to help us achieve our mission is rare, and something we're very proud of. Thanks Team! 

If you'd like to support our work please get in touch with

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