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Holistic Trail Stewardship with Orbea

1) How did the partnership with Trash Free Trails come about?

Orbea knows that lots of small local actions can add up to a big impact globally. Investing in trail associations who maintain spaces local to Orbea’s home; Mallabia in the Basque Country of northern Spain, has given Orbea the chance to invest in cycling communities and foster relationships to learn and share from. Trash Free Trails gives Orbea the opportunity to develop more of these relationships globally, to grow cycling communities through the positive action of maintaining local riding areas.

2) Why is supporting an organisation such as TFT important to Orbea?

Orbea is both a co-operative and a family of cyclists, a commitment to people and the planet is ingrained within the organisation. Orbea has grown to become a global organisation and now recognises this responsibility expands beyond their borders in the Basque Country. Supporting TFT allows Orbea to support a message, cause and research that promotes and physically enables the protection of the outdoor spaces enjoyed by all cyclists globally.

3) The Pick, Dig, Ride with Tarland Trails is coming up! Why are events like this one important to Orbea?

This Pick, Dig, Ride event is about connecting this local riding area with all those who can enjoy the space, with the aim to create connections and build community. In doing so, we can create a sense of ownership and pride of the natural area which promotes a connection to nature and an appreciation and understanding of the environment the riders are able to enjoy! We’re also able to promote the volunteers of Tayside Trail Association and the great work they are doing for all trail users beyond those on two wheels.

4) What would Orbea like to see their community doing to protect the places they ride?

Building community around their local outdoor spaces in forms of meetings, events and official or unofficial organisations. This doesn’t just build a relationship between the trail users and the landowners, but establishes shared ownership promoting careful and responsible use.

5) What’s Orbea most looking forward to in the Trash Free Trails calendar in 2024?

All of the TFT approved events! Since the inaugural TFT approved RedBull Hardline it's been great to see this mark grow to what it’s fast becoming. It brings the venues to light as opposed to the event itself, athletes or participants which is really important in building the environmental awareness and respect for the outdoor spaces we’re able to enjoy. It also adds a great talking point for any significant figures attending the event, usually getting the TFT purposes great exposure and adds a feel good factor to all event goers!

All images Sam Dugon @saskiadugon


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