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We're recruiting...Join the Trash Free Trails team!

Trash Free Trails is a community-focused, non-profit organisation; a positive, call to action for riders, runners and roamers alike.

We exist to protect our trails and the wild places they take us to and we’re starting with single-use pollution (f.k.a: litter!).

Terrestrial ecosystems are being choked by single-use pollution. At the same time, we are witnessing first hand the social and emotional impacts that disconnection is having on the wellbeing of individuals and communities; trails, and the wild places that host them. We believe that these two issues are bound together and that it is our responsibility to find positive, purposeful, people powered solutions.

Our mission: reduce single-use pollution on our trails and wild places by 75% by 2025 and (re)connect people with nature through purposeful adventure.

We describe Trash Free Trails as “small-normous”. We are a young divergent organisation, adapting as we grow. We know where we are heading and have a plan and a whole bunch of projects to help us achieve our mission. We are doing this with a commitment to measure and share the difference we are making to our environment and our communities. This is achieved with the support of our partners, and importantly our Trash Mob, who are our volunteers found all over the globe.

As our reach and impact grows, we have reached the point that it feels right to expand our small team of employees. We are therefore looking for two passionate and inspirational individuals to join us as a Programme Officer and a Digital Community Activator.

Programme Officer: working with our TrashMob around the world to develop and deliver our Clean Trails, Purposeful Adventure and Exploration & Understanding programmes of work. Download the Programme Officer job description and how to apply.

Digital Community Activator: working with an incredible community of volunteers, A-TEAM ambassadors, freelance team and partners to develop, deliver, and manage a schedule of inspiring digital communications and content to build awareness, understanding and engagement to help drive our objectives and mission. Download the Digital Community Activator job description and how to apply.

Applications will close on 5 May for the Programme Officer and 10 May for the Digital Community Activator.

If you have the skills we are looking for and are as passionate about making a positive impact as we are, then we’d love to hear from you!


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