This year our founding partners; Trek Bicycles UK, BikePark Wales and RideGuard are joined by HOPE Technology, British Cycling, Pedal MTB, Shift Active Media and Outdoor Provisions for 2020.


Forming an inspiring collective of  companies who have committed to leading from the front for our environment.

“We know that working collaboratively with the outdoor sports industry is key to achieving our aims. Each one of the partners on the Spring Trail Clean Tour share a common goal - the desire to help protect the very trails and wild places that they depend upon”. - Dom Ferris, TFT.


It would be all to easy to copy and paste a corporate statement outlining our partnership with Trek. The truth is we found a like-minded soul in Jez Loftus at Trek, and after many months of discussions, cups of tea and the occasional bike ride, we formed a collaborative approach to action positive environmental change.

Trek continue to fund our Spring Trail Clean Tour for 2020, and embrace change across their business.


Martin and the team at BikePark Wales have hosted us multiple times during our set-up phase, believing in the TFT cause and letting us turn up and make the place feel like our second home has been a godsend (...and allowing us to blow of steam on the mind-blowing trails). We can't thank every single one of the crew enough, what a group welcoming and passionate individuals. It's massively inspiring to hear all of their environmental achievements, truly the zenith of positive change.


Charlotte and Evan. PR Ninjas - trash your time is up. We've gathered some facts about the PR Ninjas:
• Ninja don't eat or drink very much, and they never have to go to the bathroom.

• Go anywhere they want instantly
• Catch bullets in their teeth
• Can run 100 miles on their hands
• Train 20 hours/day starting from age 2
• Can hover for hours


"Being a director of RideGuard and Dom's co-director at TFT has meant any partnership agreement has to be scrutinised more than any other. We keep a open dialogue and I'm thankful for Dom's forwardness, RideGuard has enabled me to work for TFT whilst we build our reserves for TFT projects." Ben Gaby - TFT

We're close to launching our OceanX project, with both organisations collaborating on disruptive product innovation to benefit our environment. The sales from the new range of mudguards made from recycled fishing nets will contribute towards our planned 'Solstice Adventure' for 2020.


When we sat down back in 2017 and pictured who we'd like to work with, HOPE was high on our hit list. We're so excited to be working with Alan, Rachael and the team at HOPE as they join us on the Spring Trail Clean Tour this year, and with their support we're able to expand the number of locations on the Tour from 10 to forty.

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