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We're all about action and adventure; trails, the wild places they take us to and the beauty of nature that we find within. We're not going to achieve our mission with words (although, if we don't say so ourselves, we're pretty good at those to).


Our community is "smallnormous" (thanks to the A-TEAM for that gem!) undoubtably small, but with a (hopefully!) enormous impact - plankton in the vast ocean of organisations that exist to protect what they love, but really very good plankton. But we're only able to have this impact because of the very nature of our little community; that sense of belonging that being part of the #TRASHMOB gives us. For that reason, good old DIY - Do It Yourself, just doesn't sit right with us. We're in this together. 


So we came up with DIO. We Do It Ourselves, together, as a community. It's in our values - to engage, enable and empower people to Do It Ourselves. If you've made it this far, we're pretty confident that this will resonate with you :) 

Like any adventure, getting everything you need together in one place is all part and parcel of the fun and reward on the journey. ⁠Hopefully, this DIO Toolkit will help you to do that. 


 Its amazing you're here. 

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      Just you /

 in a small   group? 

 Stay Safe 

If you're on your own, with your family or a small group of friends (as per the current government guidance, of course) We believe that as long as you are respectful and stay safe, only removing SUP, you shouldn’t have to ask permission or do loads of admin to do something good in the places you love.


If you're organising a bigger Trail Clean, look over there....>>>>>

 Remove  SUP! Each and every piece gets us closer to achieving our mission.

 Report  your finds on the SoOT report, a Trail Bandit Bingo Card, or on Instagram. Chuck us a tag while you're there maybe? @trashfreetrails#jointhetrashmob#springtrailcleans #trashfreetrails  

 Reward  yourself however you like!! Of course, we'd suggest a ride, run or a roam. Or cake and biscuits. We like cake and biscuits. 

 Stepping up?! 

Planning something a bit bigger? Firstly, what a great human you are. Thank you!!! 

 The Tools You Need... 

There are a few more things that you might like to think about if you're organising a bigger, more organised Trail Clean. Whether you've got 30 people, or planning for hundreds* of the #TRASHMOB to rock up, we're here to help with everything you need to let the landowner and local press know, make sure the #TRASHMOB are safe when they're grabbing those nasties, and, most importantly, have a ruddy good old time! 


Check out the toolkit, and our resources hub** so you're ready to rally your community, remove & recycle as much as you can, report on your haul and reward yourselves. 


Have a sick time. 

*If you’re expecting hundreds of volunteers and/or planning to erect a giant tent you’ll need to gain permission from the landowner/manager before going ahead. Luckily this is always super easy too!

**Please note: In order to be covered by our Public Liability Insurance, it is essential that all the elements of the relevant resources hub are fulfilled

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 Larger group    or an organised 

 Trail Clean? 

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