Welcome to the DIO Toolkit. 

Our DIO Toolkit will set you up with everything you need to run a trail yourself. 

Keep referring back to these tools, they are the recipe for a fantastic trail clean. 

Trash Free Trails is a community movement, driven by and with people like you. We can’t thank you enough for joining our cause.




Our trails and wild places are an incredible source of restoration for us. On your next ride, run or roam, do a recce - what’s out there? What needs to be done? Recognise your responsibility! 



Where are you going? How far? Any special highlights to look out for? Plan your ‘rubbish’ route on Komoot- Don’t forget to add us in as participants :) 

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Rally our community! Share your Komoot ‘rubbish’ route and your plans with us on social media, tell your fam, your friends and your next door neighbours cat, if they’ll listen. Remember, it’s the #TRASHMOB you’re rallying. We’re global. From your high street to the Highlands, all the way to the Himalayas, we’ll see you. 





You guessed it, Get out there and remove what you can (in a COVID safe manner, of course) 



What did you find? How did it feel? Jot this kind of thing, and anything else interesting about your trail clean down somewhere. In a notebook, in your head, on a Trail Bandit bingo card, on the inside of your eyelids? Left sock? Wherever takes your fancy. Tally your finds to contribute to the SoOT Report



Have a look through your haul, sort it into lovely little piles of recyclable goodness, and make sure it ends up where it should have been to start off with - a bin! 



Tell everyone and share your trail clean far and wide - shout it from the rooftops. Tag us on Instagram @trashfreetrails, #jointhetrashmob, #trashfreetrails.

Log your finds in the State of Our Trails Report



This might be the most important… We know that protecting what you love isn’t easy. Own that commitment to protect what you love and work just as hard to reward yourself for what you’ve done. It’s ok for it to be stressful and tiring, as well as satisfying and enjoyable.  Go for a ride, a run or a roam with no real aim. Just do you. Or eat some cake?



Keep it going! Pay it forward, encouraging others to do the same. You could pledge to return to your rubbish route weekly, monthly, or whatever’s good for you. It’s your trails, your wild places, your community. They need you.  



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This is our super special mega stash of all the digital bits you might need when doing a Trail Clean of any shape or form. From logos to risk assessments, public liability insurance, and even local press release guidelines if you need them, it's all here. Just pick your group size and go admin crazy*. We've done our best to make them engaging and informative and we hope you find them useful!  



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Quickly though, before you go off into the wild, just remember this; YOU are incredibly inspiring. The simple fact that you are willing to donate your time, talent and passion, helping to rally the #TRASHMOB from Christchurch to Canada, bringing friends that have never met together to protect your trails sends a powerful, positive message. 


Trash Free Trails is a community movement, driven by and with people like you. We can’t thank you enough for joining our cause.

*Remember, if you're planning to put up a tent and have hundreds of the trash hungry #TRASHMOB turn up, don't go too crazy on the SUP removal until you've completed all of the steps in the "LARGE GROUPS" button below.