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We are the tide, but how big is the wave?

We're delighted to release the 2022 State of Our Trails Report. As the most comprehensive and holistic analysis of terrestrial pollution to date, it marks a tremendous move to forefront the impact single-use pollution is having on our trails and wild places.


With over 1,000 of you contributing data, and over 50,000 pieces of single-use pollution removed and accounted for, this Report would not have been possible without you, the TrashMob. Your dedication to removing, recording and reporting the trash you find allows us to pave the way for innovative scientific study that is grounded in citizen science. Thank you.


You can read the full report below. And don't forget, the work doesn't stop here (and neither does the fun!) Be sure to record your festive trail cleans by following the link (and the giant hand) below.

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