As a small, Community Interest Company, we rely on corporate partnerships, trusts and grants and community fundraising to support our vital project work.


Luckily, due to our size, incredibly passionate, active and talented community and commitment to innovative citizen science we are able to deliver maximum impact for minimum investment. In other words we stretch every pound, dollar or euro that people donate to us a looooooooong way!

"TFT have delivered an impactful campaign and reinforced our position on environmental issues

- we're excited to progress our partnership into 2021" - Jez Loftus, Trek Bicycle Corporation Ltd.

Our partnerships are built upon shared values, mutually supportive expectations and a commitment to creating long-term, sustainable impact. We are proud to present our 2020 / 21 partnerships ecosystem, without the support of these pioneering companies, it simply wouldn't be possible to do our work.

If you would like to know more about how you can support our work please get in touch with

Thank you,

Dom and the TRASHMOB.


These are the game changers, the pioneers, those who have enabled us to take giant step forwards in our mission. From the moment Trek took a chance on us in January 2019 we knew that we wanted to build long term, progressive, partnerships that connect us with our partners at an organisational level. As such, our 'Annual Partners' have a presence in our work on a yearly, multi-project basis, an approach that is hugely impactful, sustainable and enjoyable.


If you'd like to support our work please get in touch with