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We haven't written this yet... SORRY. 



 The A-TEAM Charter 

At its heart (and our hearts: this is really important to us), the Charter is a product of collaboration between TFT HQ, The A-TEAM and The Trashmob. Each and every rider, runner and roamer amongst us should identify with what's inside, and feel comfortable and confident enough to share with their trail communities.

It contains our values. As individuals our values are a fundamental part of us: in essence, they define us. They represent what matters to us, how we behave, what we hold close. Our values influence every aspect of our life from friendships to how we vote. While the world revolves around us, they are what we measure ourselves by. To borrow an analogy, they are a compass rather than a map or GPS tracking device. We will use them to keep us heading in the right direction. 

Also within are what the A-TEAM can expect from HQ, and what the A-TEAM have agreed to commit to in their roles as regional representatives, and happy, healthy and resilient stewards of of their trails and their wild places. 

Perhaps you're here because you're thinking about becoming an A-TEAMer, and want to know more about what it's all about, perhaps your here as a rider, runner or roamer like the rest of us and you're just interested. Either way, we are incredibly proud to be able to share everything in here with you. Click on the first page and have a read.


Any questions? We're right 'ere. 


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